Destiny Gamers Annoyed by Costly ShaderGate Greed


Shortly after the release of Destiny 2, the fan community has already jumped on its new business model that involves shaders, which are basically items that can change the colors of your characters gear and weapons. These items allow users to change colors and have always been something users can swap back and forth between their own characters, using them as many times as they wish. Now Bungie has changed shaders to be a single-use consumable item and gamers are LIVID!

This may seem like it should not be a major issue, but to Destiny fans, it has them really peeved to the point where it could destroy the game. Bungie, the creators of the Destiny line of games has now also begun to charge real money, which they call silver in the game, to buy shaders.  They are also now caught in the middle of an even greater issue that has plagued the gaming industry as a whole for quote some time; the fine line etched in their business models.  Bungie is currently stuck straddling a thin line which is what makes its community oh-s-vulnerable to being pushed into these wild frenzies over a small adjustment to their business model.

While other competing games try different business models that essentially only cost the end-users between $40-$60, Destiny's business models have seen their users spending about $180 for their evolving line of expansions.  It also kind of nudges players into buying emotes and shaders on top of that.

While the shader system is much more robust that previous renditions of Destiny, the trade-off is that many players are seeing this as a brazen attempt to sell out to corporate greed and force them to spend more money on an already expensive game.

Some popular posts to Destiny's large Reddit community are calling for a virtual boycott of the game until the shader system is reverted.  It is unclear if Bungie will make changes to their newly introduced shader system, but the game's director, Luke Smith, took to Twitter to mention that shaders can be earned by merely playing the game and leveling up, opening chests, items and by visiting virtual vendors.  He goes on to say that they foresee everyone to end up with more than enough shaders where they are not forced into buying them.  They just have to play more.

Bungie has gotten more than its fair share of experience as the years go by at taking criticism to task by simply addressing the major concerns in subsequent updates and by use of detailed explanations in the patch notes.  Smith's tweet is the first time they have broken from their usual course of action by admitting to the issue so soon after the update has been released to the public.  

Some industry experts think that Smith's recognition of the problem so soon and so directly might be a form of signaling there will be no changed and Bungie will sit back and let the Destiny fan community work this one out, or just get over it over time.

Some users suggested that if ShaderGate is the only problem with the game, then Bungie did a great job.

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