Destiny 2 update makes grinding to 600+ a little bit easier


For all you guardians out there struggling to get up to 600+ while working a full time job, raising 12 kids, and working on 5 doctorates in Halo map making - this Bud's for you! Bungie's latest Destiny 2 update has eased the path to ranking 600 or more and your daily grind that felt like hard sandpaper on baby skin is now the equivalent of having a girlfriend feed you grapes and rub you with olive leaves.

That's right, now we can all get up to 600 and get wrecked in the forge the first few times! We're in the second week of Destiny 2's holiday event called The Dawning, baking cakes for NPC vendors, and about to go through that third set of Forge activities as part of The Black Armory. If you're like me, then you have only went into Forge to get kicked right out for being low rank. Now guys like me can stop being as useless as the NPC's and step up our game.

I'm about as excited for this as I was to sit through 40 matches of Gambit for the Breakneck, which I still don't have yet.

Bungie's Update 2.1.3 also addresses a few bug fixes, a change to Prime Engrams for anyone under power level 600, and a reminder that you can rank up to 650 now. It's reported that the Prime Engrams will drop higher ranked items for anyone under 600, so that's a plus and a reason to grind out a bit more - this is mostly so you can catch up and probably a way to get more people to buy into The Black Armory extension if they haven't yet.

Here's the patch notes:


Fixed an issue where the final boss encounter of Scourge of the Past would not end properly.

Fixed animation error on Awoken Corsairs so that they no longer pretend to hold invisible rifles.

Fixed a rare bug in Scourge of the Past where players would not receive a Phase Radiance buff when meleeing a terminal.

Fixed an error on Brakion's weapon so that he can once again shoot at Guardians.

Players will now spawn insides the arena with the downed ship rather than reusing the previous phase's spawn points that placed them behind the spawned encounter barrier.


Fixed an issue where Heavy Ammo was not spawning appropriately on Convergence

Items & Economy

Players under 600 Power may now receive higher-powered rewards when completing Director Challenges.

Fixed an issue where weapon frames would be removed from inventory in error when completing alternate forges.

Fixed an issue where players were not rewarded properly when completing a forge activity that was joined in progress.

Players may now access forge bounties before completing a forge activity.

Fixing an issue where players were not properly granted the Scourge of the Past Emblem or Triumph for completing the activity within the first 24 hours.

Fixed an issue where submachine guns awarded by research weapon frames were not dropping with the appropriate perks.

Completing and claiming the Dreaming City Triumph "Ascendant Paragon" will always properly grant the Secret Victories Emblem and its Transcendent variant. Players who already claimed this record will have the variant automatically unlocked on reaching orbit.

Removed Season 4 shader Crucible Solemnity as a requirement for the "Forged in Fire" Collections Badge.

Fixed an issue where players weren't properly being granted Harbinger's Echo if they destroyed eggs across multiple characters. For affected players, the Sparrow will appear in inventory and be unlocked in Collections upon reaching orbit.

Removed Annual Pass requirement for claiming the "Curator of the Black Armory" Triumph.


Fixed an issue where the "Envoy While it Lasts" bounty did not display properly for players using Spanish, Russian, or French languages.

Fixed an issue where Season of the Forge shaders were not dismantling quickly.


Pressing reload while charging a fusion rifle will initiate a reload. Previously, pressing reload while charging a fusion rifle did nothing.

Fixed an issue where SUROS Machine Guns (Avalanche) had more recoil than intended.

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