Destiny 2 resurrected dead character and totally caught me off guard


Remember when you were breaking down in tears while ruining a grilled cheese sandwich and staying up way too late to watch Cayde-6 get murked by Uldren? It wasn't as bad as watching Opie get rocked in a cell in Sons of Anarchy, but it was bad. And it's not changing. Cayde-6 is still Thanos'ed and nothing changes with him. He's not coming back, but Bungie resurrected another character like he's the second coming of Jesus and it was totally not who we expected and some of us are shaking our heads like WTF just happened, bro? Spoilers are here, so stop reading if you don't want your night ruined by revealing something in the story to you before you play it, which isn't as bad as spilled nachos on the movie theater floor (5 second rule) but some people hate spoilers. If you're one of them, then share the story and hightail it outta here like a drunk on a Red Dead 2 horse.

Everyone wanted Cayde-6 back in action, but we got shafted. We are stuck with Uldren brought back from the otherworld. No lie. The dude is back, but it turns out that when we sought revenge and took him out, that he was possibly being controlled by the Taken and that's why he's back. Not only that, but his Thot sister might have been the reason he was such a jerk and killed our favorite wise-cracking sharpshooter. 

Much of what Destiny 2 reveals next is of course pertaining to the Dreaming City, the endgame location for the Forsaken and home of the Awoken and the Curse. It was revealed in a secret story cutscene found in the Dreaming City. Gamespot said it was in a weird place (like that mole on your...) and they were kinda right. It's easy to miss, that's for sure.


Uldren rises thanks to a mysterious ghost. Is he a guardian now?


"The cutscene is located in Awoken Queen Mara Sov's court, which you can only access by completing Petra's weekly bounty for the Blind Well. As usual, you'll take the offering you receive from the bounty to the Observatory, where you can make contact with Mara Sov. Since this is the third week of the cycle, when the curse is strongest, you'll be able to jump through the Oracle Engine's portal and visit Mara's court, where usually, you can talk to her in person."

Pulled pork.

Mind blown.

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