Call of Duty investigates after enormous 84GB update file

call of duty updates

Call of Duty: Warzone trends on Twitter after the update file on Xbox demands an enormous 84GB file size. Yes, the update is so massive that it is almost on par as its full base game. The situation is currently being held in control with Activision investigating the matter. 

As reported by Game Radar, the size of the update file is big. In comparison with the update size on PS4 clocks, which is at 32 GB, the update file is by far the largest download size. The 32 GB update size on PS4 clocks, compared to that of the Xbox’s 84 GB file size, will take a lot of space on your hard drive. 

Players took it to Twiter to discuss the massive file size. It even started trending. Gamers expressed frustration towards the huge update that will require them to make space on their hard drives. It should be noted that Modern Warfare’s updates have always had a large file size, even in the past. However, this 84 GB file size is quite a stretch, as opposed to its past updates. 

This incident prompted Activision to address the issue fast. On their Twitter handle, they stated, “We’re actively investigating an issue for #ModernWarfare where some players on Xbox are seeing a larger than expected download size for today’s update. Stay tuned for updates.” 

Modern Warfare is the biggest game when it comes to file size. The fact that there is a season 4 update only adds up to the current problem. 

Activision released the Call of Duty Warzone patch notes that contain a rundown of everything that is coming with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4. The update will be an introduction to Warzone’s new Rumble Mode. The Rumble Mode pits two teams comprised of 50 players who will battle in the Verdansk region. This comes with a new Contraband contract system, bug fixes, and match evens for its free-to-play battle royale. 

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