Battlefield V has women on the front lines of war and people aren't buying it (literally)


Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 were great. Battlefield 4 was decent. I skipped Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 because I just didn't care for them. They looked like nothing special to be fair. Battlefield 5 is coming out and the game trailer includes a chick with a metal arm, face paint, and what will prove to be an annoying game personality. She's also on the front lines of war in WWII fighting Nazis. Sounds like a modern day feminist right? HA! Not quite, although the chick in the game will actually fight more Nazis than any feminist today. There's still a huge amount of complaints about her because 1) it's not realistic or believable since it's a WWII setting, and 2) it's just stupid and no one cares for the gender-inclusive bullshit that SJW's want, even though most SJW's probably aren't playing this game anyway. 

Watch the trailer for a second.

That trailer just doesn't look that cool. It seems like a chaotic mess to be fair. Do I really care if there are

chicks? I don't know. If the game ends up being good, then I'll buy it. If the majority of people on social media who actually went out to buy it said it's actually good, then I'll consider it. Reportedly presales are already weaker than normal with EA's Battlefield games. You can see the trailer has a ton of dislikes as well. The comments on the trailer were great though - finally, we get to fight a real feminazi, right!?

Either way, EA is stupid for trying to appeal to the SJW crowd.

All I want to know is who gets the first handjob with that chick's claw hand.

Does the THOT put out? Asking for a friend.

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