Armed robbery epic fail: suspect didn’t know bystander was packing heat (video)

A video circulating the Internet appears to have what was about to be an armed robbery plot that goes completely south when a bystander whips out his own piece and makes a move, putting a round or two in the suspect and ending it almost immediately.


The video shows a guy and girl talking and minding their own business. But moments later two guys walk into the building at almost the same time. One of them whips out a pistol and it’s not clear if those two guys know each other, but the guy who waltzed in with the piece ends up trying to crawl out as he’s leaking blood.

The guy who’s talking to the woman thinks fast, knows what’s going on, and springs into action whipping out his own wild west six shooter, dropping a few slugs in the perpetrator. The perp goes down on his back and he’s writhing in pain. The good guy with the gun kicks the bad guy’s piece away and picks up his phone. It looks like he’s trying to call the police or maybe his friend is a guy who “knows a guy” that can get rid of a body the easy way. You just never know these days.

Either way, the woman was perfectly fine except for potential trauma since this was probably the most crazy thing she’s seen in her life since that 2 girls 1 cup video the entire Internet fell in love with years ago. Or was it tub girl? Maybe the goatse guy, I don’t really know. Either way, this sh*t was wild!

Check out this cop taking out a bad guy!

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  1. Keith R Turner says:

    Prediction…..Get ready to see a WHOLE lot more of this kind of action…people are fed up, the corrupt politicians will be next on the menu

  2. yiddishlion says:

    The other guy was leaking pretty badly also. He got hit as well.

  3. From the way his legs were flopping around and he blood on his lower back, I’d suspect that his spine was severed.

    1. Dude, that was like watching a fish get back to the ocean.

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