AOC gets called a SLACKTIVIST for faking being handcuffed during arrest

Former Georgia congressman Doug Collins discusses the Squad’s appearance at a pro-abortion demonstration where Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faked being handcuffed during her alleged arrest. She’s being called a SLACKTIVIST by Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese after her showboating circus act that was all for show.


If there was ever anything more useless in politics, besides the old man called Joe Biden, then it would be Ocasio-Cortez and her buffoons known as ‘The Squad’ because they just do a lot of screaming while accomplishing absolutely nothing for America.

Showing up to protest isn’t doing anything when no one actually listens to the protests. No one cares that they’re outside screaming and chanting. That doesn’t accomplish anything, but they give the look that they’re hard at work for the people when they’re really just outside in the heat showboating so people THINK they’re working hard – but they’re not.

Anyone can go outside and scream. Just look at the liberals who were crying in public when Donald Trump won in 2016. Did anyone care? Nah, the country laughed at them, just like we’re laughing at AOC and her group of goons.

Politics in America is at an all-time low and when you have circus monkeys pretending to be arrested on TV so they can look cool, then you know it’s time to vote these windbags out of office.

Time to make politics great again and get more people in office who have COMMON SENSE! We have the absolute WORST people in government right now and one look around will show you exactly why we need a big change in the midterms.

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