6 Of The Most Unusual Looking Video Game Consoles


Here we take a look at some of the most unusual video game consoles. Some of these definitely look really crazy and are not something I would purchase if they were released for general sale. 

Some of these are just ugly looking!


1. Telstar Arcade

This is one unusual looking console not to mention very ugly looking too. I can't say I like the wood affect look of this console if I am honest and there just seems to be too much going on.

This Telstar Arcade console was released in 1972. They built the console to home all the accessories needed to play the games available for it. 

Twisting it around to use the different accessories was said to be a pain in the butt! I can imagine so.


2. XaviXPORT

This console looks like one of those portable MP3 players you used to be able to get in the late 90's early 00's. To look at this console you wouldn't believe it was a console, that's for sure.

We have all heard of the Wii that was released in 2006 which brought in the use of motion controls to play games. 

Two years before hand XaviX released their own console which used motion controls to play games such as bowling and tennis and they named it the XaviXPORT.


3. Apple Pippin

With the assistance of Japanese game maker Bandai, Apple and Bandai teamed up to create the Apple Pippin which ran on a modified Macintosh OS. Pitched to consumers as an affordable computer it did not come with a keyboard but instead came with an AppleJack controller, weird, huh?

This was released at an extortionate price of $599 and became a disaster, with only 25 games released for it the most popular being Bungie's Marathon.

Steve Jobs soon put this console to bed in 1997 when he came back to Apple.


4. Super Lady Cassette Vision

This console was definitely aimed at girls and women, I can not imagine many men wanting a console of this color or with this name.

Super Lady Cassette Vision was made by Japanese game company Epoch and was released in 1984 and was on par in terms of power with the NES. 

The console was released with a game called Milky Princess which was one of it's very little games for the console. 

Once Nintendo came out with the Famicom, Epoch were quickly eliminated from the hardware business.


5. View-Master Interactive Vision

This is one very weird looking console, I will say that and the controller looks very complicated indeed. By looking at the controller I am not quite sure how you would use that at all.

This console allowed you to use the plastic viewers that you would insert in photo discs to see faux-3D scenes of your favorite cartoon characters.

The games released for it had video footage that allowed you to make your own choices and it also included simple arcade game play between the segments.

This is definitely not your usual console and a very unique idea.


6. Action Max

Action Max sounds like a very interesting action console, does it not? From the image of the console it looks like it's based around action games of sorts.

This game system ran off video tapes, interesting, right? The downfall was you needed a separate VCR to use it. 

The small red sensor would be attached to the corner of the television screen which provided a reference point for the light gun that came with the console.

Unfortunately only 5 games were released for this console before the console failed due to the fact there was no way for the Action Max to output to the TV and nothing changed on the screen whether you hit your target or missed it.

What is the weirdest console you have ever seen?

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