Holy Sh*t: terrifying 20-ft shark swims way too close to boat, has people shaking

What would you say if a 20-foot shark was swimming near your boat? Yeah, ‘holy s**t’ is pretty damn accurate! One man uttered the words after being terrified by a massive shark swimming right behind him. He took out his camera and captured the moment in time. The video quickly went viral on social media.

The shark can be seen edging closer to the man as the waves rumble behind the boat. As the sea begins to ripple faster and faster, the suspense grows. The shark is getting closer. The man pans down as the enormous shark swims right next to the boat and quickly realizes what was producing the enormous ripples – a giant shark.

The footage, which was posted by ‘The Daily Jaws,’ showed the world the 20-foot-long shark. Terrifying! According to The Daily Jaws Twitter account, which calls itself the “number one Jaws fan account,” the shark was a “20-footer.” Of course, it’s just a rough estimation.

The shark is ’25 foot’, many users posted a wildly recognizable line from the legendary movie Jaws. It looks like the shark resembles the gigantic shark monster depicted in the famous Hollywood movie.

As in the well-known movie, Quint orders Matt Hooper to “Shut off that engine.”

“They’re gonna need a bigger boat,” one user remarked in response, prompting other users to respond with their own movie references.

In case you are not familiar with the famous thriller, here is a little explanation.

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“Jaws” was released in 1975, becoming one of the most successful movies by Steven Spielberg. Maybe not the highest-grossing one of all time, but one of the most memorable ones, that’s for sure. The story revolves around a police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter. The crew of three is hunting a man-eating shark. The shark attacks people in one summer resort.

It became the first movie to achieve $100 million in US cinema rentals in just 78 days, surpassing The Godfather’s $86 million in box office revenue to become the highest-grossing movie in North America.

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Did you know that Jaw won three Academy Awards?

The Best Original Dramatic Score, The Best Film Editing, and The Best Sound. It was nominated for The Best Picture too. Jaws set the template for many subsequent horror films and remains one of the most recognizable and famous movies around the world.

I don’t recall hearing the Holy S**t line! Do you?


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