10 Hidden Halo Easter Eggs You May Have Missed


We all love Easter Eggs in our video games, but sometimes we miss them. Sometimes we miss the ones that were hidden in plain sight, right in front of us! Here's 10 Halo Easter Eggs you may have missed.

1. Halo 5 Title Screen Grunt

If you wait on the Halo 5 title screen for about 6 minutes it will eventually reveal a grunt tumbling through space. Cool, right?

2. Halo 5 Vending Machine

When playing Halo 5, on Mission 3 - Glassed, once you exit the building you will find a vending machine inside a room on the right hand side on the ground floor. If you interact with this vending machine it will spawn a shotgun, Magnum and SAW.


3. Halo 5 Grunt Choir

Ever wanted to hear a Grunt sing? Now you can. These really are pretty cool guys and their singing is pretty cute!


4. Halo 5 Grunt Farts

Yes, you read that right! You can actually hear a Grunt fart with this Easter Egg. These cute, crazy little guys are not very polite at all. At the start of the final mission you will find some Grunts locked away, check out what the one in the back is doing.


5. Halo 5 Super Banshee

Follow the video below to get yourself a Super Banshee to help you along with Mission 2. We guarantee this will definitely help if you are struggling with this mission!


6. Grunt in barrel, GRD Switch on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

This video will show you how to get a Grunt in a barrel and GRD doll without glitching the map in forge mode. It will also show you where the other hidden map picture is of Damnation. The level is Penance.


7. Spartan GRD Doll

The leaked GRD Helmet in the Defiant map pack will also appear as a doll Easter Egg in several different maps in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. It is also said to be hidden in the Firefight map which you can find the location of that at the end of the video below.


8. Hidden Picture of Beaver Creek in Battle Canyon

A hidden picture of Halo 2's Beaver Creek can be found in Battle Canyon on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. It is a very small picture and can be found on the underside of the structure hanging above Red Base. There are more hidden pictures which is like a nice memorial to Halo 2 which is quite a surprise since this game takes place before Halo 2. 


9. Secret Room on Solitary of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

There is said to be a huge secret room on Solitary which is the remake of Prisoner from Halo 1. You will need to do this in forge mode only. Here is the video, have fun!


10. Troll Face on Pillar of Autumn Notice Board

Take a look at the Notice Board in Pillar of Autumn in Halo Combat Evolved. If you look close enough you can see the popular internet meme 'troll face' in the corner of the notice board. Pretty cool!

Go look for the Halo Easter Eggs and let us know when you find them all. Or let us know if you find any new Halo Easter Eggs. Happy hunting!

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